Uruguay is a unique place in the world where you will find peace and quietness, good food, nice people, lovely nature and amazing beaches.


Let us share with you five reasons to visit our country:

Amazing beaches

With more than 700 coast kilometers, including 220 kilometers of oceanic coast line, you will find amazing beaches plenty of fun and activities during the summer, namely between November and March. Punta del Este, considered the “Saint Tropez of South America”, is a typical destination for celebrities. There are a lot of other amazing oceanic beaches in Uruguay, such Cabo Polonio, La Paloma or Punta del Diablo, where the contact with a natural environment is granted.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

In Uruguay you will find some UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Colonia del Sacramento and the nature reserve Grutas del Palacio, where you can see rock art.

The traditional rhythm Candombe is a UNESCO Intangible World Heritage, that you can enjoy during the longest Carnival in the world, covering all February. Uruguay shares with Argentina the tango as UNESCO Intangible World Heritage.

Typical Gourmet food

Asado ribs, fillet, grilled fish and vegetables, are the ingredients for a traditional food based on natural sources and high-quality products.

Kind people

Uruguayans are kind and hospitable people open to diversity and different cultures. People are always willing to have a chat and help visitors. Uruguay receives more than 3.5 million tourists per year.