Welcome to the website of the Embassy of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay to the Kingdom of Sweden!

Uruguays Ambassad i Stockholm (Sverige)


On February 17th, 2022, I assumed my duties as Ambassador of Uruguay to the Kingdom of Sweden with concurrence before the Kingdoms of Norway and Denmark. This designation represents a major professional challenge in my diplomatic career and a call to continue expanding and developing Uruguay’s centuries-old relations with the Scandinavian world.

Since 1906, the starting point of diplomatic relations, Uruguay and Sweden have been building a strong bond that has reached more than 115 years of uninterrupted diplomatic relations.

Throughout all these years, the bilateral relationship has acquired greater dynamism, with high-level visits by authorities of both countries, a converging political dialogue, the approval of bilateral instruments on a wide range of topics of common interest, expanded trade and Swedish investments in Uruguay.

My objectives as  head of the Embassy in Stockholm are clear and pragmatic. We will aim to an improvement of the political dialogue (in areas such as democracy, human rights, gender equality and the environment); a expanded and improved presence of Uruguayan products and services in the Scandinavian market; the diversification of our exportable offer; the continued presence of, and attraction of new Swedish investments to our country; the technological improvement of the services of the Embassy and Consulate that can ensure more procedures in digital format for our nationals in this jurisdiction as well as the strengthening of the link with the dynamic Uruguayan diaspora.

Bilateral interactions over the last two years have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Uruguay and Sweden have continued and remain to strengthen and enrich their relations due to the spirit of innovation of multiple actors in the public and private sectors.

I invite you to walk through this website to learn about the different consular services, contact details and information about our country, its political institutions, its economy and its culture, as well as the activities of the Embassy in all these areas.

It is also a priority for our Embassy to maintain an active presence in the digital world through Social Networks, which are an important complement in terms of information and communication. For this reason, you can find a lot of information about Uruguay and the activities of this Embassy in Stockholm by subscribing to the following accounts:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/embajadauruguayensuecia

Twitter: @UruguayinSweden

Instagram: uruguayinsweden

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I thank you for your kind visit and warmly greet you.


Federico Perazza

Ambassador of Uruguay to the Kingdom of Sweden