The significant economic growth of the country through the last decade is directly linked to the significant increase in national and foreign investment. Why should an investor consider Uruguay?


Reliable country

Uruguay enjoys political, democratic and social stability, and macroeconomic soundness, which creates an ideal environment for successful investment.

Gateway to Latin America

Uruguay´s strategic location as the gateway to the region offers the perfect springboard to Latin America. Uruguay provides top-level logistics infrastructure, state-of-the-art telecommunications technology and the best energy supply in Latin America based on renewable resources.

Entering through Uruguay, as a country member of Mercosur, investors do have granted access to a market of 400 million people, which accounts for 68% of Latin America’s GDP and represents a flow of foreign trade of almost 74% of Latin America’s total.

The best partner to develop businesses

Uruguay has become the destination par excellence for international companies seeking quality, efficiency, experience and new opportunities in the most stable and reliable business environment in Latin America. Both national and foreign investment has been declared of national interest. The foreign and local investors are treated on an equal footing.

Availability of talent

Human resources in Uruguay are highly competitive, qualified and multilingual.
Moreover, the public sector promotes the implementation of training programs tailored for existing staff or new recruits, offering grants to companies that present eligible projects. The state guarantees free access to education, from pre-school to university (4.5% of GDP is invested in education).

Better quality of life

Uruguay is the best country to live in Latin America according to the 2017 Legatum Prosperity Index and the Mercer Index (2017). The ranking is based on a variety of factors, including health, economic growth and quality of life.